Spacious House In Barton Hills Beautifully Reflects The Mid-Century Architectural Style Of The Neighborhood

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This 2,900 square feet residence renovated by Brett Grinkmeyer Architecture is situated in Barton Hills, a South Austin neighborhood highly characterized by mid-century homes. Its strategical position takes advantage of the site’s expansive canopy of trees.

The owners wished for a home mostly dedicated to entertaining that would reflect the architectural style of the neighborhood.

"They also wanted a strong connection between the interior and the exterior. My goal was to create a design that would artfully encompass all of my client’s needs. The result is a welcoming, modern home with clean lines. I was also able to exceed the client’s expectations by emphasizing a connection between the indoor and outdoor environment", the architect explained. 

The house floor plan is shaped in an "L" form and it helps to frame the spacious garden. The plan of the house carefully integrates the master bedroom, kitchen, and the living room, having at the same time a strong connection with the outdoors. 

The kitchen represents the heart of the house, as it's placed in the center of the living room. The living area is flanked by the entry, the dining room, the living room and allows direct access to the garden. 

The open floor plan also allows fluid movement between the kitchen, the living room, and the dining room. One of the most dramatic features of the home is the vaulted wood plank ceiling with exposed beams in the living and the dining room.

The facade brings a homage to the to the neighborhood’s mid-century roots. At the perimeter, large windows fill the spaces with natural light creating a further connection with the outdoors.

Natural light and foam insulation were used in excess in order to reduce energy usage. The large glass windows have coatings and deep overhangs to limit solar gains.


Photography: Reagen Taylor Photography


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