Spacious Two-Story Apartment in Milan Is The Host of History, Design, Color and Light

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This spacious two story apartment is located in a historic building in the heart of Milan and realized by Studio Donizelli. The flat has a surface of 120 square meters and each story spreads on almost 60 square meters. 

The two stories are connected through a wide staircase that rises from the entrance area and reaches the top floor, offering a full view of the former ceiling made of perforated wood. This way, the light roof is shaped by large skylights on a perfect geometry. 

In order to illuminate the living room from above and to evoke the beauty of the old carpenters wood, the source of light was directed in order to fit the beams and to hold the load of the entire coverage.  

The modern design and furniture put, in contrast, the vintage and the preserved look, but they also create a beautiful balance between the two styles. 

The architects made a clear decision for the chosen materials and they limited it to wood and white colors. The palette of colors also includes natural solid wood and warm wood.

The two bathrooms received a warm gray monochrome touch, the "marble gray". A large mirror helps to expand the environment reflecting the magnificent marble materials. Minimalist faucets in polished steel bring out the classic style. 

The kitchen in made of a single-piece, capable of hiding all the electrical appliances. This way, a large wood cutting board becomes a comfortable work surface and the perfect place for a tasty breakfast.

The house it's a place for entertainment, where you never get bored and the host of history, design, color and light. A house that makes you think of a scene in Alice in Wonderland!

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