35 Unique Staircase Ideas To Inspire Creativity

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The staircase often becomes a real focal point in your house, as it's usually the first thing you see when you enter the hallway. 

If you already have a staircase and you're thinking of renovating it or just plan to build a house with multiple floors, prepare to make your staircase brilliant. Whether you wish to add some color or to make it the perfect storage space, it's worth thinking about how you will integrate it into your house design. 

For example, a beautiful glass staircase will allow all the light to pass from one floor to the others and you will get rid of the darkness in your house. 

On the other side, a spiral one is perfect for a tight house where you need daily access to the upper floors. Here, the material and the color are also decisive. 

There are a lot of other methods to add style to your already existing staircase. Paint the risers in different colors or keep them monochrome, in contrast with the rest of the stairs. Use colorful wallpapers or stick on decorative tiles for extra personality. 

Don't forget to make use of the large space available under the staircase. You can create a useful storage solution with bespoke shelves, wooden cubes or playful boxes. 

Here are the best staircase ideas for plenty of inspiration:

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