Summer House In Denmark Gets Strong Influences From The Nature and The Coastal Atmosphere

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The summer house near the Vejle Fjord benefits from great views of the fjord, a blissful coastal atmosphere and the beautiful nature that encourage an active outdoor, which had an important influence on the house's design.

The house built by CEBRA Architects is traditionally designed with a pitched roof spreading on the long sides of the site and the gable facing the view. 

The house has a double structure, at least at the first glance. However, at a closer look, we are dealing with a smaller house inside a bigger house. This idea evokes thoughts of the Russian babushka dolls.

This effect has been achieved by the architects by placing the thermal envelope beneath and inside a bigger house. This way, the roofed outdoor area stands between the thermal envelope, the actual house and the larger shell, which give access to a protected area – a continuation of the interior area which allows the owners to spend nights outside, even on a rainy summer, to eat, and make a barbecue. 

This transitional zone between indoor and outdoor creates an interesting space between the characteristic trees with a view of the fjord.

The interior is characterized by white finish wall, concrete, and sheathing of larch that create a strong connection between the roofed patio and the interior. On warm summer days, the large glass sliding doors can be pushed aside connecting the living room and the terrace. 

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