Sustainable House Is A Wonderful Mix Of Rural, Urban and Indigenous Artifacts Elements

by in Architecture

The residence built on the top of a hill by Luigi Rosselli Architecture is a concrete expression of Armidale ’s unique meeting of rural life and culture. The town has varied cultural expressions through the university and many other cultural institutions.

The owners wished to combine their flourishing agribusiness with the "office" occupation. This way, their modern residence is located on the peak of the property overseeing the health of the cattle in the valley below.

The main objective was to keep the nature untouched by the building process. So as the grassy slopes of the hill continue all the way up under the concrete platform. The platform also includes a corrugated stell skirt under, with the purpose to protect against grass fires and conceal the large water tanks. 

The interior decor has urban influences with several art collections of indigenous artifacts collected in Africa and Asia. All the whips, saddles and country style clichés have been eliminated from this interior design scheme.

This particular type of rural homes is considered to be the most sustainable from the architectural point of view. They are built to be self-sufficient in terms of remoteness from local water supply, power and sewer systems. 

The solutions for achieving a sustainable character for the "high country house" include large water tanks in the bunker under the house, passive solar design to reduce the need for heating and cooling and onsite sewer and power management.

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