Thai House Brings Back The Comfort Of Traditional Thai Houses To The Modern Context

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The way Thai people live their lives, in large families, influenced the architecture of this house. This traditional house completed by EKAR in Khwaeng Bang Bumru, Thailand is composed of a variety of small detached-houses in which each small family lives, and a patio in a middle of the houses, where connects each family together. 

The present house creates a high open space under the house, allowing the wind to pass through and contribute to lowering the temperature in the interior of the house. It also protects the residents from the flood and wild animals. 

Therefore, the ground floor is mainly used for parking and storage. While the residential area is located on the first floor of the house, this is where actual life starts. 

The intention was to enhance the living quality as well as the relationships between each member of the family; meanwhile, individuals still have their own private space.      

Modern people tend to move into micro-apartments located close to their workplaces or they choose small detached-houses outside the city where the land prices are still affordable. The architects aimed to create a house which brings back the comfort of traditional Thai houses to the modern context.

Regarding the client’s wish, the architects divided the floor planning of four-story house into spaces dedicated to each part of the family. 

The second floor is meant for the client’s family, while the third floor is destinated to his daughter’s future family.

On the first floor, there are the entertainment room and a grand patio which became the common area for the whole family.

The gap between the swimming pool and the elevated yard allows a tree from the ground floor to grow through. Also, allowing sunlight to stream in a glass pavilion underneath. On the grand patio, users’ eyesight will be led to the swimming pool, the elevated yard, the top of the tree, and the beautiful multi-stored house.

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