The Eagle Bay House, A Family Beach House Converted Into A Great Place For Settlement And Comfort

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The Eagle Bay House, a project located in the coastal southwestern town of Western Australia, was designed by two skilled architects from MC Architects: Matthew Crawford collaborated with Rosie Burton, daughter of the owners and graduate architect. The project follows the major additions to the already existing family beach house. 

The owners bought the plot twenty years ago and decided to build here their first home, a modest weatherboard cottage for the small family of three that was then. As the family has grown, the house extended as well, offering a place of settlement and comfort after years of surfing and country adventures.

Built directly on the southern side of the house and emulating the existing gable forms, the addition introduces a simple geometry, a sustainable palette of materials and natural light to the family home. 

The upper level integrates the indoor and outdoor living areas, the kitchen, and the master suite.

The exposed roof timbers accentuate the simple gable form and a large picture window in the living room frames the view from the treetops to the ocean. 

Downstairs rammed limestone envelopes the bedrooms, the bathroom, and the laundry room and sets a textural earthy backdrop to the outdoor cinema.

Raw materiality is expressed throughout elements coming from nature: timber rammed limestone, concrete, and steel. 
Moreover, the classic whites and the family's carefully selected furniture, soft finishes and artwork inject warmth and depth to this lovely space.

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