The Ferndale Home: A Place For Young People That Promotes Sustainability And Eco Responsibility

by in Architecture

The Ferndale home was built by ADarchitecture according to the eco responsibility rules set by the architecture and design guidelines that had the objective to maintain and improve the qualities of the site.

The guidelines were created to promote sustainability, energy efficiency, and renewable resources. 

The residence was built for a young family, although it's highly appealing to young couples and larger families as well.

The section facing north opens up to the site and the sun and creates various spaces of interest both inside and outdoor. 

The structure of the house consists of three wings, each one with a well-established function. One housing hosts the living areas, one is for the sleeping area and the third one for the garage and the loft areas. 

The three designated areas allow the house to be highly integrated with the landscape, the courtyards, and the planting areas all around. 

The living room and the bedrooms all open up to the courtyard and promote the outdoor living and the fluid indoor/outdoor connexion. 

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