Thoreau’s cabin by CC-Studio

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This cabin in the woods is build for the volunteers who maintain the Noorderpark in Utrecht, Netherlands and need a refuge or just taking a break from the wet weather. The temporary building has an area of 35 mand it’s a replacement for a storage and shelter from 1966 that was built without authorization

Hidden in the forest and covered by lush foliage, the volume has been designed so that it exposes its presence only at the very last moment. Two large sliding doors open up the entire corner of the building making possible awarming blendbetween the interior and the exterioropen space, a little green meadow where sheep graze to keep the young trees at bay.

With neither running water nor electricity, local firewood is used to fuel the kitchen and fireplace. This sculptural hearth forms the heart of the cabin, which includes a storage room, washroom, and eating space.

The structure of the hearth supports a folding aluminum-clad roof structure, which creates a protective yet open canopy that blends into the surrounding foliage.

The elegance and silence of the park are complemented by the volume of this green and wood cabin.

Design: CC-Studio 

Photography: John Lewis Marshall

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