Transformed Bicycle Cafe Pops in The Heart of The Italian Alps

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"Stelvio Experience Bicycle Cafe" was designed by BEARprogetti Architects in the city of Bormio, a town nestled in the heart of the Italian Alps. The city is well known for being the centre of three of the most prestigious mountain passes, the undisputed destination for many cyclists. 

The objective of the two young entrepreneurs was to offer a space where cyclists can come together to exchange information, plan their routes and compete in climbing the Stelvio Pass, the Gavia Pass and the Mortirolo Pass. The transformation was characterised as the renewal of an existing bar to attract new customers.

"The brief was clear and well defined from the beginning, so we started the renovation of the café covering the existing floor with a dark 
grey floor paint thus obtaining a unitary surface which replaced the previous floor composed of old tiles of different colours. Then, we used OSB panels painted in black to make a false ceiling and OSB panels painted in white to cover some walls.", the architects said.

The use of graphics inspired by “Velominati” on the floor, walls and ceilings, contributes to the personality of the bicycle cafe. 

The existing counter is covered with metal plates in which the company logo is engraved. Furthermore, the logo is also included in the stools' base, while the seats of the stools are actually bicycle seats.

The black benches of the café harmoniously fit in the general guidelines. The tables are painted in orange to resume the basic colours of the book Velominati.

On the walls, there are exposed some bicycle wheels that the owners used as exhibitors of the Tshirts of various famous cyclists.
In the entrance area, two historical bicycles are exhibited on two banquets in wood and metal with the engraved company logo.

In the store, there are also a couple of uniforms that hang from two bicycles fixed on the ceiling. We decided not to expose the uniforms as in a traditional shop, but to use the main theme of the cafe (cycling) to take care of every detail of the corporate identity.

The lighting of the café includes LED spotlights and LED strips, according to the owner's desire to create a modern transformation both aesthetically and technologically.

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