Urban Loft Amazes Through Its Functionality, Rigor And A Good Sense Of Taste

by in Interior Design

Starting from the main idea of creating a functional urban loft adapted to an active man with a dynamic lifestyle, the designers from Casa di Pietra managed to complete the reconstruction of this individual residential space.

Even if the total surface of the apartment doesn't exceed 77,5 square meters, the interior amazes through its functionality, rigor and a good sense of taste characterized by simplicity. 

The principal task of this renovation was to use non-expensive materials and furniture pieces but to create a cozy space for living. 

In the kitchen area and the dining room, the designers adapted the kitchen furniture painting to the one used for the walls. 

The island in the kitchen separates this area from the dining room. The outdoor kitchen cabinets and the built-in furniture also strive for practicality. The fish wallpaper in the kitchen gives the sensation of a massive water tank between the upper and the lower kitchen cabinets.

In the living room, the fireplace is located symmetrically on the wall between two non-standard high doorways with classic paintings. The wall with bricks in the living room has a soft texture with an aged effect that gives the sensation of a lack of space and time. 

The sleeping area and the work area are located behind one of the sliding doors. The bedroom color palette integrates warm coffee tones using textiles with a classical ornament high headboard bed, providing a comfortable yet a masculine interior design. 

The project was a finalist for the "Kitchen in a modern style" from the company kitchen LEICHT portal PinWin professionals.

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