Wooden Multi-Storey Apartments in Mount Kiczera Are A Delight For The Nature Lovers

by in Architecture

The Szuflandia apartments designed by Brandys Design are an exclusivist multi-storey wooden cabin group located on the slope of Mount Kiczera, in Poland. The apartments are surrounded on three sides by the beautiful Beskidy forests and mountain stream. The distance from the city of Wisła to the alpine flats is about 4 km.

The structure of the apartments is made of solid wood and the interiors also include mostly natural elements and delicate fabrics.

The apartments benefit from large windows and spacious terraces with wonderful alpine views. The paths towards the houses were made of stone slabs and the stairs were made of giant rock blocks.

Minimalist interior design prevails and the natural wood color of the furniture contrasts with black, grey and bright white textile elements. 

The warm light also plays an important role in creating a cozy and homey atmosphere. 

The natural surroundings are impressive no matter the season of the year. On summertime, the apartments offer shelter during warm days and in winter they are a delight for the snow lovers. 

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